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There is a Boy On Top of My Bed!

Stanley The Leaf Pile

Golden Circle Commando Fairies and the Battle for Dreams

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Andrew Stewart, a Canadian children’s author, has partnered with artist Rob Langille to open the minds of readers as they take the path along creative adventures. Take your children along for a ride with Andrew’s imagination in his 3 books titled There Is a Boy On Top of My Bed!, Stanley the Leaf Pile and his newest, Golden Circle Commando Fairies and the Battle for Dreams (Now here)!

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  • Creativity
  • Passion/Love

The Duo

We believe in magic
Andrew Stewart is a children’s author, father, husband and explorer. He is dedicated to the craft of storytelling and bringing children the next big adventure.
Rob Langille draws, sculpts, films, paints, digitizes, writes, waxes poetic, and yells and screams. He rebels and conforms, loses and defeats, lives and dies. Most importantly, he is an artist. An artist for life.

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